Thursday April 2, 2009

LiveNation's awesome "Official Nine Inch Nails Store"

Okay, while I have to admit that $22 is not a bad price for a
Girl's "Bacteria" Hoodie - even if they only have it in XL, what the deuce is up with the NIN/Jane's Addiction Premium Ticket Package? For $250, you get:

  • Exclusive NIN/Jane's Addiction Concert Shirt
  • Collectible NIN/Jane's Addiction Tour Poster
  • Commemorative NIN/Jane's Addiction VIP Laminate

Oh, unless you're size XXL. Then it's $253.95. Can't make this stuff up folks. I guess you get a ticket with your fancy pants laminate, but it doesn't ask you what show you're going to, only what size shirt you wear. They don't have a photo of any of that though.

The shirts are interestingly not available at the real official Nine Inch Nails store or at our awesomely cheap and fast store, as they are new old stock from the 2006 tour.

I'll wrap up this snarky, pissy post by stating squarely that the LiveNation-designed widget sucks. I've got a pretty good notion that it's giving most of our (okay, my) "points" to a (nice enough) dude in Nebraska somehow - which is kinda alright, because NIN hasn't played in Omaha in about a decade. Nonetheless, in the event that one of the NIN Hotline accounts (i.e. Leviathant or Cunnybungler) makes it into the top five, I'll try and figure out a way to give the tickets to one of you viewers, and I'll certainly be giving the box sets to one of you, because I'm lucky enough to already have a Super Mega Deluxe Edition Ghosts box set. JUST SAYIN.

P.S. even though the LiveNation contest is only open to US Residents, anyone can win in our re-gifting extravaganza. Unless we win plane tickets. I don't know if we can transfer those.