Thursday April 2, 2009

May the best spammer win! Livenation announces NINJA contest

We got an email from Wikkid about a contest that's opened up on Livenation.com (without any input from the acts they're promoting, apparently). Straight out of the "Internet Marketing 2004" playbook:

Win a Flyaway with the Official NINJA Tour Widget!

Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction are giving you a chance to win a flyaway to their show in Los Angeles just by sharing the official NINJA Tour Widget!

Register for the NINJA Tour Widget and begin earning points by sharing it with your friends online today! The person with most points on April 13th will recieve a trip to Southern California to see the bands live at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre Irvine on May 20th.**

Be sure to read the official contest rules to make sure that sharing earns you points!

The widget looks like this:

Note: Widget has been removed because it makes surfing in Opera (and sometimes Firefox) especially unbearable. Also, the contest is over.

I guess if you share it with enough people you get points, and the person with the most points gets flown out to LA and gets a bunch of signed stuff. So while I utilize our MySpace, Twitter, and Facebook accounts (we don't have a Facebook account, I think) to spam the shit out of you, see if you can out-spam us! (I'm not really going to spam the shit out of you, this post is the last you'll see of us mentioning this widget.)

Personally, I think the widget is entirely too large, particularly given that widget rhymes with midget. It probably shouldn't be 400x500, that won't fit in anyone's sidebar. That's just rude.