Wednesday April 1, 2009

3-part CD single for 1,000,000 to be released

Here at the NIN Hotline, we've always tried to pick up some of the slack where the official channel has overlooked fan concerns. For all the efforts we've made in the nearly ten years we've been running though, Nine Inch Nails has done a great job of catching up. With each release, they post high quality artwork online. They've got a forum that's like the larger, slightly more retarded version of Echoing the Sound. They're going to beat us to the iPhone app we were going to make (April Fools! I don't have time for that shit) and lately, it's becoming harder as a fan site to keep up.

So instead, we're looking back at what might have been left behind while Trent Reznor's embraced technology and forward-thinking.

I am proud to announce that we have made a deal with CD manufacturers in Germany and Switzerland to release Halo 28: 1,000,000 - a three part slimcase CD imported from Europe.

***update*** I can't say where I got it from, but we received a 40 second sample of 1,000,000 (version) after posting the news. Our source says the final track time is well over nine minutes long.

The track listing is as follows:

1,000,000 pt 1:

1) 1,000,000 (album version)
2) 1,000,000 (radio edit)

1,000,000 pt 2:

1) 1,000,000 (album version)
2) 1,000,000 (version) (sample)

1,000,000 pt 3:

1) 1,000,000 (radio edit)
2) 1,000,000 (live at rehearsal)

Additionally, there is a very limited release 12" promo vinyl edition of the single...

side a) 1,000,000 (album version)
side b) 1,000,000 (Lilly Allen club mix)

I haven't heard the remixes yet, but chances are the b-side of the vinyl is going to be the best of the bunch. We're working on finding out who mixed the (version) on Halo 28 pt 2, and sources are leaning toward the same people who did the (edit) mix of Every Day Is Exactly The Same on that card slipcase German edition of the single.

Each CD should be available for £18.99, and we are looking at a release date of June 8, 2009. We would like to thank Universal Music Group for being totally awesome in helping us out on this project, we've put a LOT of work into it, and hope you enjoy. ~@~