Monday March 23, 2009

Parker releases the Adrian Belew signature guitar

Adrian Belew Signature guitarI got the heads up on Adrian's signature Parker Fly two weeks ago, but were entirely too busy doing mundane server crap to do anything about it. Adrian Belew - who you probably know best for the insane guitar work at the end of Mr. Self Destruct and throughout Ghosts I-IV - worked with Parker Guitars every step of the way until the instrument was up to his exacting specifications.

The guitar features a Sustainiac Stealth PRO neck pickup to produce infinite feedback and upper harmonics at any volume, complemented by an exclusive Dimarzio bridge pickup. The Adrian Belew Signature Fly also features built-in Line 6 Variax modeling software, allowing you to customize and create your own tones and custom sounds - or use one of the 25 presets, if you're going to be dull about it.

On top of all that, sound equalization is provided by six separate sensors within the RMC bridge saddle, which allows each string's volume to be processed separately, giving the player unsurpassable tonal control. Can you tell I didn't bother to edit that line when I copied it from the press release?

In case you lost track, the feature list goes something like:
- Exclusive Dimarzio bridge pickup
- Revolutionary Sustainiac Stealth PRO neck pickup
- Onboard Line 6 Variax Modeling Components with 25 instrument models
- Computer connectivity
- MIDI capable - 13 pin out
- RMC Pow'r Bridge 'PF" Saddles and RMC Poly-Drive 1 Preamp
- Sperzel Trim-lock Tuners

That's fairly insane (in a good way). The Adrian Belew Signature fly is currently available at Parker retailers.

We managed to snag a gigantic photo of said guitar, which you can see by clicking the image to the right. We're investigating an opportunity to do a Q&A with Mr. Belew, so if you've got a question or five you'd like to ask the man, send them to belew@theninhotline.net.

In the meantime, you can catch him talking about his guitar in this YouTube clip, or read this interview on All About Jazz where he talks about guitars, the state of the music industry, Ghosts, Zappa, Bowie, all kinds of stuff.