Wednesday February 25, 2009

Complete LITS - Victoria Show Available

Exactly one week ago, I posted an update about Colin Cooper, a professional video editor who was working on putting together an edit of the Victoria show from the footage that was released back in January. Originally, the videos were available from his Vimeo account, and they still are, but Colin has emailed us with details on four torrents that he's put together of the COMPLETE show. Info follows below -
The torrents come in three sizes:

Video = MPEG-4 640x360
Audio = MPEG-4 AAC 16-bit, 128 Kbps, 44.100 kHz
Data = 2.31 GB @ 2.496 mbits/s
File Extension = .mov / .mp4
Great picture and sound quality in a small package. Optimized for iPod (Nano/Classic/Touch/iPhone). Two separate torrents. Quicktime version (.mov) contains chapter markers. Non-Quicktime version (.mp4) has no chapter markers, but should be compatible with both PSP and Zune portable media players (in addition to the iPod range).

Quicktime Version
Non-Quicktime Version

Video = H.264 720P
Audio = MPEG-4 AAC 16-bit, 128 Kbps, 44.100 kHz
Data = 4.71 GB @ 5.099 mbits/s
File Extension = .m4v
Similar to my Vimeo uploads with alternate (heavier) video compression. Chapter markers. Optimized for iTunes, Quicktime Player, and Apple TV HD. May be further compressed for other uses.

Download Medium

Video = Apple HDV 1080i60
Audio = Linear PCM 16-bit Integer (Big Endian), Stereo, 48.000 kHz
Data = 24.52 GB @ 26.53 mbits/s
File Extension = .mov
Uncompressed source media output of my edit. Chapter markers for each song. Enjoy as-is for maximum possible quality or compress to any desired format (BluRay, DVD, etc.).

Download Large

The "Large" version should cover tech-savvy individuals who have the means to manipulate at will. The "Medium" version should cover most users in general. The "Small" versions are simply fun and convenient. They are also viewable on a computer for those with gear that might be too clunky for the 720P version.