Monday February 23, 2009

New Show Setup & JJJ Interview

A lot of questions were asked online and in other places after the LITS tour ended as to what the kind of show NIN would be putting on in 2009. One less member, a stripped-down production; the speculation ran rampant. Well, if you haven't been checking the tour journals on either ETS or nin.com, you've been missing a lot of answers to those questions.

There have been a few videos from down under here and there, but here's one from Ryan of nin-au.com from the Soundwave Festival in Sydney. Make sure to view this video in HD if you can; the quality is very good.

Also, here's the audio from the JJJ interview that took place after the Brisbane show. In the interview, Trent talks about the stripped-down show, some repercussions of the production-heavy LITS tour and the future of NIN along with some of Trent's future projects.