Friday February 20, 2009

Details from Eric Avery about what's been happening in the studio

The official Jane's Addiction blog has been updated by Eric Avery; the entry is regarding some of the details that were hinted at by Trent via the nin.com photoblog and has been reported as "pretty revealing on what has been going on." Here's an excerpt -
"there was even talk of trent at that point. someone with skill, cred, and a creative opinion that would garner respect from all of us. someone that might be able to wrangle the unruly clash of personalities if we tried to do some more recording. but that seemed conceptual. someone like trent.

"hes busy doing his own thing. but a few days later i called our old friend again, "how real is the possibility of it being trent?" the reply was,"very real." i found the possibility of it exciting. i was feeling excited about janes? what would a new song sound like? i started putting down some ideas."

Very cool stuff.