Wednesday February 18, 2009

Colin Cooper's Vancouver Edits

Colin Cooper, a professional editor from Vancouver (iMDB profile), wrote in to let us know that he's edited the entire Victoria concert and is uploading them to his Vimeo account. Here's an excerpt from what he told us -
As you are likely aware, viewers may download the original source file for each song if they sign on for free membership. My source files have very little compression (average size = 600MB per song), so the quality is much higher than a BluRay burn could offer.

My Vimeo account currently features the opening of the concert through to The Wretched. I am able to upload 5GB per week and will continue to do so until the concert is completed.

The only way to download the videos is to become a member of Vimeo, however, but considering the quality, it's probably worth it.

Thanks to Colin for submitting this in and making these videos available!