Friday February 13, 2009

Aussie interviews, and... Britney Spears

bmoloney and malatete sent in a link to an interview with Trent Reznor on the Sydney Morning Herald, where Trent talks about touring, business, and rehearsing across the hall from Britney Spears. This garnered a blog response on britneyspears.com (Did I just link to britneyspears.com?)
Britney's manager, Adam Leber, says "Brit has been sharing the same rehearsal space with NIN for the past few weeks and they are getting along famously. Maybe we should ask Trent Reznor to remix Circus?"

Perfect fodder for Trent at PinkIsTheNewBlog.

Also talking to Aussie press lately, Justin Meldal-Johnson has a nice interview at Rip It Up, talking about the new direction the band has taken, and hinting at new (old) material that may get played on the upcoming tour. Good stuff all around.