Tuesday February 10, 2009

Reflecting The Sonic Addiction

..or something.

While reading facebook instead of working, I came across a group set up to document the upcoming shows in 2009. They also have a website set up here if you want to get involved.

So what's been happening for those of us that don't own Final Cut Pro?

Well, NIN have started up a new photoblog for the next round of shenanigans. Check nin.com for the latest image, your forum of choice for "let's put this image through photoshop and work out what the setlist is going to be" and ninblogs for a nice quiet summary.

Shane Richmond from the Telegraph asks If Trent Reznor can save the music business, how about journalism?. Thanks to acidpolly for posting it.

Also, theprp.com ran the following article:

Nine Inch Nails mastermind Trent Reznor is said to have been in the studio with Jane's Addiction bassist Eric Avery as of late, working on non-NIN related material. The news seemingly strengthens the recent rumors that Nine Inch Nails' upcoming April North American trek will be a double headliner with the once again reunited Jane's Addiction."

Thanks to Greg B for submitting that last one.