Tuesday January 27, 2009

Alessandro Cortini Webcast, BOF Tour Starts Saturday

CESSA (Concordia Electroacoustic Student Studies Association) is hosting a series of six concerts in Montreal starting this Wednesday. Alessandro Cortini will be giving a lecture at 10:45 AM Thursday and will be performing at 7:30 PM local time on Friday. The lecture may or may not be shown on the website but the performance definitely will be. For more info, head here.

Also, the blindoldfreak tour dates have been finalized as locations for each city have been set.

Sat. Jan. 31 Halifax @ The Khyber Ballroom
Sun. Feb. 1 Quebec City @ Scanner Bistro
Mon. Feb. 2 Ottawa @ Avant-Garde Bar
Tue. feb. 3 Guelph @ The Albion Hotel
Wed. Feb. 4 Stratford @ The River Garden Inn
Thu. Feb. 5 Toronto @ the Drake Hotel
Sat. Feb. 7 Montreal @ Labsynthese