Sunday January 25, 2009

Another Version Of The Truth + What You've Become

Title voting has wrapped over at thisoneisonus.org, and after a week of voting, "Another Version Of The Truth" has been selected. Check out the announcement teaser here. Also, the project is now in its final phase for artwork submissions, so head on over here before voting starts on February 1st.

Also, Chris from nin.e-lopo.com is putting together a project based around the Sacramento show (12.12.08) entitled "What You've Become." Here's a description of what he's doing -

as soon as we finish the tracks, all of them will be published on our vimeo account, with the possibility of downloading the source video, in hd.

later we will release a dvd/blu-ray image with the entire concert, menus and extra contents.

if you don't have broadband or don't want to download that amount of files, we will make copies of the on dvd-r and blu-ray-r to send by mail, charging only the value of the disc and the shipping.

He's already posted videos for 1,000,000 and Letting You. This is a very exciting time to be a NIN fan, though that's probably a major understatement.