Wednesday January 7, 2009

400 gigabytes of HD footage from the Lights in the Sky Tour as 3 torrents

That's over four hundred gigabytes of data, so if you've got one of those ISPs that has bandwidth caps, sucks to be you!

In all seriousness, if you're a casual fan, this kind of download is probably not for you. Three shows on the tour were filmed with four to seven HD cameras, and what's been launched today is all the resulting footage. The files that have been uploaded include Final Cut Pro sequences to get you started, if you're going to try and edit something together yourself. Or work together with others over at the fan-run effort over at ThisOneIsOnUs.org.

Wasn't that worth the wait? Mind you, don't take that as a sign that whining pays off.

Anyway, I'd love to blather on, but Rob states things quite nicely over on the nin.com forums, and I've got to get back to work.

Happy New Year!

***Update: David Murphy over at PC World Magazine has an article up, "Nine Inch Nails: The First Open-Source Band?", that sums up Reznor's sharing over the years, and also links to This One's on Us, woo!