Monday January 5, 2009

Creative Commons licensed Ghosts I-IV is Amazon's #1 MP3 album in 2008

A number of people wrote in to point out that NIN's double-disc-length instrumental album, Ghosts I-IV, is at the very top of Amazon's best-sellers in their MP3 store (Digg this story, by the by) Over at CreativeCommons.org, Fred Benson makes note of the commercial success of an album that you can legally download for free. That's not even taking into account that under a traditional current-day record label, something like Ghosts would never, ever see the light of day.

Frederic Lardinois also covers this news at ReadWriteWeb, noting that In Rainbows came in just under the top 10. Even being #1 at Amazon's MP3 store, whatever numbers those are don't reflect sales through iTunes or directly through nin.com. It's cool to see innovation, but even better to see innovative moves that demonstrate real progress, particularly coming from people I've been following for years.