Tuesday December 30, 2008

JJJ's Hottest 100

Yes, summer has rolled around again in Australia which means it's time for two things; making your house bushfire safe and voting in the world's largest musical democracy.

Voting is simple, just proceed in an orderly fashion to the vote page and click on the "vote now" button to get under way. You can vote for up to 10 of your favourite tracks from 2008 (the year that will soon be "was"), we all know you want to vote for NIN ... but it's completely up to you ... no pressure! People from overseas can also vote, however varying degrees of success have been had.

In the past NIN has had some good and bad results. In 1994 Closer reached the dizzying height of #2 and in 1999 Starfuckers Inc got #69, however since then NIN has not made it into the list. This could be the year for NIN to make a comeback, considering that Discipline was in high rotation earlier in the year and well, people just love to dance to it.

So go. Vote. And clear the leaves from your gutters before it's too late!