Thursday December 18, 2008

'tis the season to make shit up

We got wind of a couple of rumors tonight, so let's take 'em one at a time.

thePRP.com reports rumors that NIN might be touring with Rage Against the Machine in the spring. Sure, a lot of people might think "AWESOME" but if you were at Lollapalooza, you probably remember how different the crowds were for these shows. Anyway, thePRP's been really good in the past, but they've always reported rumors about release dates, which leads me to believe they're getting info from Universal Music Group. In this instance, the rumor's completely false. Not happening, folks.

Rumor number two comes from MattGreen420, who emailed us to say that "My local radio station said they are playing a new nin single tonight.:)" MattGreen420 didn't write back to say what station this was, but his IP address traces to AT&T Wireless in Canada somewhere Matt wrote back to say that said rumor came out of Fm96 in London, Ontario. Sorry folks, this is either some DJ pulling a stunt to hype his dying format, or Matt's gotten into his greens and is just making shit up himself. This, too, is not happening.