Tuesday December 9, 2008

Josh Freese blogs on why he's leaving NIN

JOSHFREESEWhile checking MySpace to see if I had any spam messages about someone who has a secret crush on me, I stumbled upon an update from Josh Freese's blog. Here's what he had to say -
"So, I've been wanting to write something for a while now explaining why I am leaving Nine Inch Nails at the end of the year. Not that it's THAT big of a deal or important compared to other real shit going on out there in the world but I figured I'd take a minute out to explain anyhow. I know a few people are aware that I'm having my 3rd child in January and basically....that about SUMS IT UP!

"I've just been gone too damn much lately and if I hadn't spent so much time on the road in recent years (between NIN, A Perfect Circle, Devo, Sting, The Vandals) coupled with having 3 kids (come January) then I'd still be out on the road in the new year. It's just that the rate that NIN has been touring (and will continue to tour in 2009) is something that I can't keep up with right now. My kids need their Dad around and I want to be around for them. I am definitely not retiring or "done touring" by any means though. I just need to be home a bit more next year.
I am not leaving because I got a better offer from another band or because I don't enjoy it.....it's one of my favorite situations I've ever been involved with and I already miss it (though we still have 5 more shows to play).

"If you saw a NIN show in the past 3 years then you'll know that to say I LIKE playing up there is an understatement and that I give it my all every night. It's much more than a "job" or a "gig" for me. I'm a big believer in Trent and his music and feel fortunate and privileged to have had the chance to work along side of him and be a part of what he does for the past three years. It is something I am truly proud of and he makes most the other ones out there feel pretty small time. I have faith in the notion that we'll work together again at some point, in some fashion. But for now I need to go teach my 7 year old boy how to ride a bike.....nothing can really compare to that (except maybe an all night hotel coke session with some hookers.)"