Thursday December 4, 2008

Free Album Of 8-Bit Nine Inch Nails Covers

I stumbled across this earlier today at synthtopia.

"Robo-Bot Records has released a free album of Nine Inch Nails covers by 8-bit chiptune artists, Nine Chip Nails.

The compilation was organized at the 8 Bit Collective forum.


  • Little-scale: The day the world went away

  • SCSI: Down In It

  • Microchip: Survivalism

  • Kyotosapian: Heresy

  • Subway Sonicbeat: Eraser

  • Hartfelt: Hurt

The download links seem to be down at the moment, so I've taken the liberty of mirroring it here. Be forewarned, however, it starts out a lot stronger than it finishes.