Tuesday December 2, 2008

Pitchfork wants to know what the best album of the year is

Click here to vote!

The title pretty much says it all, and while we all know that Pitchfork's reviews are filled with stupid bastard sauce, they've done some cool stuff this year (Slip rehearsal videos anyone?). That being said, let's all vote like CRAZY for The Slip since they already saw fit to include it on the bill. However, they didn't include Ghosts I-IV, BUT, they've included a write-in option. So, vote #1 for The Slip and #2 for Ghosts or vice versa, just make sure they both get voted in!

I'm assuming that it's one email address per vote and knowing how the Radiohead remix contest went earlier this year, I'd stick to those rules. But hey! You get entered to win the 2xCD set of The Sound of The Smiths and the 4xCD box set of New Order's Retro. So go, VOTE!