Saturday September 27, 2008

NIN Historian Fire Sale Extravaganza

Back for more.. Round one of Sales went pretty well.

First off- the site is not shutting down, I have realized that having all of this memorabilia is nice, but sitting tucked away is doing no one any good. I have them scanned and documented for the site, so it is time to move some stuff out and into other Fans Hands!

Prices: MAKE OFFERS (reasonable and appropriate offers please- remember this has taken me years to compile and hoard)
Emails: I was hammered last time and will reply ASAP I promise!
Payment: Paypal preferred, but MO's are OK as well if needed.
Contact me at:

The ONLY items not up for grabs are Itineraries and the Microphones. Everything else- is fair game!
I do have a ton of Local Crew and Road Crew Shirts that I have not documented with pictures, I have a list if you want it- request it from me and we'll take care of that.

Take a browse:

Happy Hunting and Thanks in advance!
NIN Historian