Tuesday September 16, 2008

I see a theme developing...

Well, I got on a bit of a kick tonight, and threw together a "The Slip" theme for the Hotline, which I think is now the default theme. Anyhow, you can choose it by clicking on "TS" in our awful little theme selector -- which is one of the other things I am working on revamping. I've also rewritten some of the javascript for the RSS feeds to utilize jQuery, which probably doesn't mean a whole lot to you, but it's a bit smoother now, and having jQuery onboard should be helpful for some other tweaks I hope to fully realize in the next month or so. I'm crossing my fingers for a glorious return of our News Submission form, but as hard as I squeeze my eyes shut, every time I open them back up, it's still not working.

Remember that if you've got entirely too much time on your hands, you can follow us on twitter, or on MySpace, but we haven't bothered with Facebook or Get Satisfaction or Delicious or whatever. Yeah, I think that's my cue, I'd better get some sleep now.