Thursday September 11, 2008

The Great Blue Screen of Death

While attending the NIN concert in St. Louis a few weeks ago and rocking out to The Great Destroyer, I suddenly saw something blue flash on the screen for what had to be no longer than a milisecond. I thought it was nothing and continued to watch the performance when all of a sudden, I felt my sister hitting my arm a few times. She shoved her camera in my face to show me what she caught - A Blue Screen of Death on the giant screen behind the band. I immediately threw it on my Flickr photostream for all to see.

The reason I'm posting about this today is because Gizmodo, Digg & Reddit are all linking to the image today and we figured that we'd give credit where credit is due before someone else tries to take it for themselves. The photo was taken by my sister, Amy Randazzo, and here's the link to the original picture, complete with multiple sizes! Enjoy!

Quick Update: I know that all of this is technically NIN-Spotting and belongs here on ETS, but CNet has a funny blurb about the image. Also, Leviathant posted a link at the top-right of the page so we can try to send the revised Gizmodo story to Digg's front page. The story shows two videos to clear up the misconception that the image was a "FAIL" and not intentional. It was. Digg it!