Thursday June 26, 2008

NIN Remixes Needs Your Help

Long before NIN.com's remix site opened, and shortly after the first NIN multitracks became available, a couple guys decided to launch a site solely for hosting fan remixes of NIN tunes. It was aptly named "NIN Remixes". Now, it seems this site needs your help. I received the following email this afternoon:

"Due to lack of donations over the past year, it appears that ninremixes.com may be unable to continue. Since the inception of the site, we have run it purely off donations, which has kept the site free of advertising, membership fees, and the likes, and has provided the necessary bandwidth and storage to host this massive project which continues to be active and growing. If you would like to see this site continue, we urge you at this time to donate. Any amount helps. If 240 people out of the over 3000 this is being sent to, were able to donate $1.00 (USD), we'll be set for another year. Thank you everyone for your support, and all the great media you've brought to the table."

So if you can spare that extra dollar (or few), lets help keep this site alive.

Oh, and ETS is back up now, just in case you missed us.