Thursday June 19, 2008

Kerrang Awards 2008

Jofinin made a post on ETS about super shitty Kerrang! Magazine opening up the votes for this year's awards. If history is anything to go by, the NIN community sure loves to vote with an unhealthy obsession, so for all you clickers, here are the details:

I am not sure of you're aware, but the Kerrang Awards 2008 website is now live, and like the 100 Best Rock Bands thing earlier this year, it involves typing the band/album/song and clicking vote lots of times.

Looking at the result of the latter, thanks mainly to ETS (I hear we crashed the servers or something], I was thinking, if we can vote NIN the way we did with 100 Best Rock Bands, we can get them into the nominations at least, then who knows? Maybe then we could vote the shit out of the nominations?

The link to the main page is here, you need to register for some reason, and then click the following categories and type:

* Best International Band: Nine Inch Nails
* Best Live Band: Nine Inch Nails
* Best Single: Discipline
* Best Album: Ghosts I-IV or The Slip, maybe both?

Then when done, click the hell out of the vote button, and then we shall see the results roll in.