Wednesday June 11, 2008

NiggyTardust! Rises Again This Summer

Let the hunt begin for the many variations of NiggyTardust! First out is the iTunes version (which can be located here). Available is a 128kbps AAC DRM-protected (?!!!!) version for $9.99. What you get is the entire album that was available last Fall along with five bonus tracks... but really, three of them are new songs - "Pedagogue of Young Gods" (which is No One Ever Does with different lyrics), "World on Wheels" and "Can't Hide Love" (an Earth Wind & Fire cover). The other two songs, "Gunshots by Computer" (Hyperpower remix) and "List of Demands" (used in a Nike commercial) are an added bonus.

The CD & Vinyl release of the album will be hitting stores July 8th and will feature more bonus songs. Details are being discussed on ETS here.

Also, Saul's website has received a major overhaul along with the return of their forums, which are located here. They're a little barren right now so head on over to discuss poetry, music, film, literature, spirituality, health/diet, relationships/love, parenting, politics, humor, art, Saul's upcoming shows, Saul in the Classroom (awesome), etc.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in with details!