Saturday June 7, 2008

For those with long memories and even longer grudges...

Do you remember back in 2003, when an unscrupulous dog of an Ebay seller somehow got ahold of a 2 hour VHS featuring behind the scenes footage of the making of the Closer video (from a different source that was featured on the 'Appendage' extras on the Closure leak), saw $$$ signs in their eyes and then got cold feet and ran away never to be heard from again, robbing us all of some prime collectors material?

Well after much hard work, this footage has now been wrestled back from the touts and has been delivered into the hands of legitimate NIN collectors, where it belonged in the first place, except this time in nearly 5 hour dvd form and is now available totally free of charge!


See this thread at ETS for more details!

And please...If you see this for sale in any shape or form, please contact either myself or one of the other mods/admin at ETS or right here, and it will be dealt with...Harshly. Big thanks to all involved.