Tuesday April 22, 2008

New song debuts on radio - Discipline

Check out these reports, and if your local rock station plays NIN stuff, maybe you should tune in today, or call and ask them if they'll follow suit:

Katrina says: FM 102.1 (WLUM) in Milwaukee is debuting a new NIN song today that actually has words.

Alexander: a single "discipline" just got released to radio today. it was mastered yesterday.

Jim: I was just driving in Seattle and 107.7 The End just played a new NIN song called "Discipline".

Nancy: i just heard a new song on KROQ in LA called Disapline. wtf is this about I have not heard anything about a new song with words!!!

It appears this song was sent to radio stations across the United States, and most of them played it between 2:30 and 2:45pm Eastern Time, resulting in a bit of a flood of very surprised emails headed our way. The song was mastered by Alan Moulder yesterday afternoon, and turned over to radio stations less than 24 hours later!