Monday April 14, 2008

NIN Historian Partial Collection Selloff

Getting a SLEW of emails about show posters. Thanks to all who have emailed thus far- I'm working through ALL emails. Response has been overwhelming- WOW! Thank You!

Ok Show Posters: Been getting a ton of emails. The only show posters I have left are the following (Some are not on the site)
4-12-95 Powerstation Australia Poster
10-26 to 11-3/94 Poster Signed by Lee Bolton
10/4/95 NIN Bowie Poster Arminski
2000 Southside Festival Poster
2005 Greenfield Festival
2005 Eurockeennees Festival

I did a mass poster clean out about 2 years ago and purged a lot of them, got into the tubes this AM, all the rest are gone unfortunately.
*End Update*
Ok first things first- the NIN Historian Site is not shutting down. I just want to make this clear right off the bat.
Ok onto business. I am thinning out the closet, boxes, binders etc. etc. of Live NIN Memorabila I have in my possession. I have spent years collecting it, documenting it and storing it. I am looking to move a lot of the items onward to other devoted NIN fans.

At present, I do not have a grand listing of every item, its price and blah blah blah. I also have a ton of work to do in order to get pictures and descriptions of other items not even listed on the site. I am offering these cherished items to the NIN COMMUNITY FIRST! These have not been on Ebay and if I have my way- they will go to good homes before ever having to breathe the "E" word!

The deal is this- scour the site, look over every nook and dark hole you can find. See something you like and have an interest- send me an email with your item of interest and price offer. I'm asking for serious offers and serious buyers. This collection took me a long time to compile, photograph, scan and present to the world. I ask for your seriousness in the offers as much as what the items are.

Rules of this sale:
1. Microphones you see on the site are NOT available
2. Itineraries are also NOT Available.
3. Some items that have pictures- I do not own. They were sent to me by crew members or fellow fans. The vast majority of items you see on the site I do own and will be up for grabs.
4. Tickets and Passes- Still have no idea how to go about this- have hundreds of tickets and nearly 100 passes. Figure it will work itself out. Would like to bulk them- but it may not be a reasonable request.
4. Email me the item you are interested in
5. Email me the price you are offering for said item.
6. I like the offer presented- we arrange payment (Paypal preferred) and we close the deal. Easy as that.

I'll answer any questions you have- email me at

Please be patient- I will email you back ASAP.
Happy Hunting
NIN Historian