Monday March 31, 2008

Quick Point March Mayhem Update

Arch! I'm at work and my access to a radio and streaming audio is nonexistent. So, I have no idea what the details are going to be when NIN faces Tool this afternoon. I think the time is 2:00pm and I'm guessing the voting option is going to require texting "2" to 48258. If someone can email me the details to be certain, it'd be a huge help! Thanks in advance! The link to stream The Point is below this post.

*EDIT* Thanks to laststepdown and AT for keeping me in the know. Text "N" to 48258 to vote for Nine Inch Nails! Unlimited texters, get going!

*Results Edit* Tool won with 73% of the vote. Oh well, we tried. Thanks to everyone who participated in this and thanks to everyone who emailed me today!