Saturday March 29, 2008

NIN VS. Radiohead 105.7: Voting Details, VICTORY!

I guess they're playing the songs first before announcing how to vote for this thing. I'll edit this as soon as I get the details. Get your texting fingers ready!

*EDIT* Text "2" to vote for Nine Inch Nails. The number is 48258. Everyone has until 11:00am CST to vote.

Oh yeah, you can vote as much as you like, so you people with unlimited texting should keep it up, though take a five or ten minute break for your fingers.

*FINAL RESULTS* NIN smashed Radiohead, 72% to 28%. Tool is the next opponent according to The Point's bracket (they won this thing last year). Chances are voting for that round will be either in a few days or next weekend. Thanks to all who voted!