Friday March 28, 2008

Nine Inch Nails VS. Radiohead: EPIC SHOWDOWN IN ST. LOUIS

105.7 The Point, "St. Louis' new rock alternative" (heh) is finally getting into the act with many of the other radio stations in the country and will be hosting its first round of March Madness, er, March Music Mayhem this weekend. NIN is battling Radiohead at 10:00am CST with Radiohead being the favorite.

Chances are that you'll probably have to text either the letter "N" or "NIN" or "Nine Inch Nails" to The Point's text number, 48258. I'll update this once I know what it is you exactly have to do since The Point sucks at giving instructions on their website. See the time here and check out the brackets if you want to vote for other bands. You can also stream The Point from this link, though you'll have to use IE to actually hear it.

*Q101 UPDATE* Looks like Incubus beat NIN today. Let's really push it here in St. Louis!

*105.7 UPDATE* Talked to one of their DJs, Cornbread, and he told me that each DJ is doing their own rules for the voting process so he isn't sure how the voting will go other than it will go through the texting number. I'll have an update tomorrow morning with the instructions around or after 10:00am CST with everyone having an hour to vote.