Tuesday March 25, 2008

Update on Q101's March Madness

***EDIT AGAIN: Nine Inch Nails 91%, Filter 9%! Next up, U2!***

**EDIT: The time to vote is 7.40PM CST**

Tomorrow/Today (that's Tuesday March 25, for those not from the future like me) Chicago's Q101 will be having the Nine Inch Nails vs Filter March Madness Match Up.

We *think* the match up will be 4.40PM CST and voting is open for 10 minutes. You can vote by sending a text message to 99161. At this stage we are unsure if you need to write NIN, Nine Inch Nails or just N so if you have the answer, or you hear a different time for the NIN vs Filter match up, or you have some other important and exciting information, puhlease share it!

You can have a giggle at some of the match ups in the full bracket here if you're interested.

Thanks a lot to Patryk and GreatGazoo!