Monday March 24, 2008

March Madness - NIN vs Metallica in Boston tonight!

**UPDATE** WE WON, 67% NIN to 33% METALLICA! Awesome work!

Being at work with lots going on, I'm going to be lazy and copy and paste midnight's submission in its entirety, because she says what needs to be said quite well.

I guess you guys would like an update on the whole WBCN March Mayhem thing. NIN did beat Blink 182 on the first round, but for the second round, they're going up against Metallica (See updated brackets here).

Unfortunately, for those who wish to vote for NIN, the radio station did not set up a poll and just let people drop in and vote anytime they want. There is a designated time for each "match up", where listeners call in or send "instant feedback" to cast their vote for the match up at the time. For the NIN and Metallica one, I believe the time for the voting in is Monday, March 24th, from 8PM to around 8:25PM (Eastern time, of course), and you can vote in using this instant feedback form: related link just type in "NIN" and submit it at the correct time and you're done. And you can listen to the game online, just click on the upper left hand corner.

Whether NIN win or lose, I think it should be interesting to see if which fanbase is more hardcore.

If your radio station is having a similar match-up tonight, please contact us and let us know the details!