Sunday March 16, 2008

Sunday Supplement

Apparently it's not just NIN fans that jump to wild conclusions every time Trent opens his mouth. Rolling Stone, the Cnet News Blog, and Arts Technica (along with several other sources, I'm sure) have run away with the fairies regarding his comments on the Radiohead release model. Thanks to Vega Chastain and the guys at ETS for the info.

An interesting reflection on the release of Ghosts I-IV from The Guardian this week, which states "forget sales, radio-play, singles or downloads: an album's success is now measured in "transactions"."
Read the rest of the article here.

If the Brits among you have stopped pinching yourselves after hearing The Hand That Feeds on Hollyoaks on Friday, head down to your local newsagents, where this week's Kerrang! magazine has a small article on Ghosts I-IV, as well as a review that gives the release 3 K! ratings out of 5. Thanks to neon.

In slightly less tabloid news, a whole bunch of people have spotted that NPR Radio have a very interesting bit of audio on the future of digital music, which, according to alphaXnumeric, succeeded a play of 6 Ghosts I.