Thursday March 13, 2008

Hello WCBN Boston! ...updated

Got a letter from Mike yesterday:
So I was just on my way home from work, listening to WBCN, when they started talking about their March Madness contest. One of their DJ's has become aware of us NIN fans letting everyone in our community know to vote for our favorite band. While one DJ commends us on working together, the other finds this to be an unfair advantage. He claims that this is going to throw the whole contest off and seems pretty irked. He then tries making fun of the fans, saying we all wear fingerless gloves. Now he really just made an ass out of himself. I hope we do win this contest and really throw it in this guys face.

Irked WBCN DJ -- you should be pumped! One of your own, Brian "Home Depot" Viglione, is on the newest NIN album. He even talked with the Boston Herald about it last week. Now, we don't expect to really beat out everyone, but even if we do, consider it a kind of applause for your homeboy Brian.

UPDATE, courtesy Brett: [Mike] is obviously not familiar with the Hardy and Roadsteamer show. Robby Roadsteamer is a local comedian/musician who only recently got that DJing gig. [He] and Hardy go back and forth and basically play good cop/bad cop. Robby talks shit about EVERY band played and Hardy will defend them.

UPDATE UPDATE: It's okay guys, Brian Viglione and Robby Roadsteamer are clearly pals, and Robby is definitely not a douche.