Friday March 7, 2008

ABCnews blog reviews Ghosts I-IV

Over at ABCnews' "On the Record", Allan Raible has penned a full review of the latest NIN album, including a refresher for people who may not have been paying attention to Nine Inch Nails in the last decade or so.
"Ghosts I-IV" continues Reznors winning streak. Many would say that he was at his best during the period of "The Downward Spiral." Those people are wrong. Right now is an excellent time to be a Nine Inch Nails fan. Right now Trent Reznor is at his creative peak. Lets hope he can sustain it for many years to come.

He goes track for track in describing the album, so unlike, say, Maxim or The AV Club, it's pretty evident this guy listens to the music he reviews. Check it out, maybe leave a comment when you're done.