Monday March 3, 2008

New servers are on the way at ghosts.nin.com

Dan Hill just got this email, and if you bought Ghosts, you probably did too. If you haven't bought Ghosts yet because you want to be sure your download is smooth, this is your cue:

Dear Customer,

Due to overwhelming response, you probably have experienced technical difficulties purchasing or downloading your copy of Ghosts I-IV. We are currently working diligently to address these issues, and will do everything in our power in ensure that your download will be successfully completed. We expect to have the problems resolved by 9am Tuesday, Mar 4.

If you have hit your download limit, we will be resetting the download attempts as we resolve the technical issues within the next 24 hours.

We do apologize, and thank you for your interest and response to our offerings to the fans of nine inch nails.

While the folks in charge anticipated a lot of traffic, I think this really blew all expectations. It's good to have a timetable on the fix.