Monday March 3, 2008

A list of notable coverage of the release...

95% of these all say things you already know, but I'm going to link to them because I think this is the biggest burst of online press I've ever seen for Nine Inch Nails. Thanks to Clive and the folks at ETS who kept track of all this stuff.
Billboard, LA Times, Uncut, Pitchfork, TorrentFreak, the CBC, Mashable, Riverfront Times, Undercover Music News (Aus), Macworld, CNET (Aus), Paid Content, LAist, NME, Idolator, Shack news, Gaming Today, Blabbermouth, Slashdot, Rolling Stone, USA Today, Kerrang!, TechDirt, PunkNews, Vulture, SlickDeals.net, Spin, WebProNews, AltPress, AudioGeekZine, Wired, El Mundo, The Guardian, Cinemablend, Pink is the New Blog (of course!), and... Perez Hilton. The news has 7500+ Diggs at Digg.com - 500 more than the top Radiohead story there, I might add.

If that's not enough, go to Google News where it's one of the top 3 stories in Entertainment today, where I just learned that The Wall Street Journal talks about Obama and Reznor in an article posted two hours ago.