Wednesday February 27, 2008

The Good Soldier in Iraq

Thudpaw, who likes pie, posted the following (more or less) in the NIN Spotting thread on ETS, where I often hunt for news these days, given the reluctance of people to submit news directly anymore.

I heard The Good Soldier on Freedom Radio in Iraq on Tuesday. That was the first time I had heard that one. Usually its Closer or Head Like a Hole.

The Good Soldier and Every Day Is Exactly The Same are staples around here too. I hear those a lot coming out of random garage areas, vehicles, etc.

My friend and I burned a bunch of discs full of NIN (40 of them so far) and labeled them with various things like "Listen" and "music to get you through another day here" and shit like that, and left them at a bunch of the bus stops and various high traffic places on the base. (there are busses that shuttle you around because the place is so spread out) We are hoping to spread our love of NIN with the masses, and maybe turn a few new people on to NIN. (hey, we got a lot of down time on our hands out here)

They were done with iTunes, since most people here use that, and that way they can see the artist, and from what album etc. when they put it in their computer.

Last month, he spotted an AIR flag in one of the port-a-johns over there.