Thursday February 14, 2008

Screwed by Jason Lynes/Faction? Join the club.

Join the 90+ people who have also not received a refund nor a tshirt on this Echoing the Sound thread (note: you have to register to view the forum this thread is in) as they compile the best course of action for dealing with a guy who bit off more than he can chew, and as a result has failed to deliver tshirt orders dating as far back as June of last year.

Not sure if it's worth throwing your name into the hat? Well, while he's been ignoring you and me, he's been working to secure an official license to take this to a bigger scale. I feel partially responsible for this meteoric rise, for in a lapse of reason, I posted his ads on my site. I let him handle the NIN Hotline tshirts I made last year, and the printer he went with screwed up the black shirts, and printed all the logos smaller than they appeared on the site. I personally approached Jason Lynes with solutions to make this order rectification process more transparent, and received, like many of you, empty promises.

Anyhow, I've put off making a post like this for too long. Folks in ETS have suggested filing with the Internet Crime Complaint Center and the (fairly toothless) Better Business Bureau. Set aside an hour or so and go through the thread to see what everyone else has done, and add your name to the list.