Tuesday February 5, 2008

Alternative site themes are up, with more on the way

Has this site run really, really slowly for you ever since the new layout launched? Would you prefer something other than white text on a black background? Is the text too big or too small for you? Well, yesterday I added a tiny feature that addresses everything but that last question. You may notice that next to the "submit news" link are a set of abbreviated theme options. While I will eventually move site options like this to somewhere more visually appealing, and perhaps easier to use, and maybe even build a login system so that your preferences are carried from system to system, for now, if you click on TF, you'll activate the Fragile theme (don't bother if you're still using Internet Explorer v6), clicking on LT activates the Lite version of the current theme, which eliminates transparency on everything but the site header. Clicking on YZ returns you to the default Year Zero based theme.

More theme options are coming soon, including a variation on the popular "black text on a white background" look, as well as em-based layouts that don't necessarily fill the screen, but zoom in and out uniformly. If that doesn't make any sense, don't worry about it.

If you try to switch themes and it doesn't work, you don't have cookies enabled in your browser. Or you are using a text-based browser, which doesn't really care about all that CSS crap I throw onto the page.