Thursday January 31, 2008

NIN expansion pack for Rock Band in March

Perhaps it's a sign of just how popular this game is, we got a flood of news about the March 18th release of a Nine Inch Nails expansion for Rock Band. If you've mastered The Hand That Feeds and are looking for something a little more challenging, you've got your work cut out for you. The new songs to be made available are March of the Pigs, The Collector, and The Perfect Drug. These had been rumored, but the official Xbox Magazine confirms it.

Just like with The Hand That Feeds, these are from the masters, and are not performed by a cover band. Come March 25th, they're putting a cover band's take of Black Sabbath's Supernaut up as well, but you can rock it out like you're the 1,000 Homo DJs. Thanks to Jared, Ninhead, Goldfoot, dhelfric, Folvex, Bry, Guy, and Andrew for sending in that news.