Tuesday January 29, 2008

Trent Reznor to appear in shoegazer documentary

Okay, so, this is pretty old news, and lots of people mailed us about it but it never got posted here for whatever reason, and better late then never. Among the many people being interviewed for Eric Green's 'shoegazer' documentary Beautiful Noise, Trent Reznor makes an appearance amongst the artists influenced by the movement, or style, or what have you. If you're not familiar with the shoegazing genre (think My Bloody Valentine), Wikipedia is here to help. If I had Netflix, I'd put this in my queue, if it's available to be queued yet.

On the topic, we recently learned that blooming fuzzers Belong have recently been interviewed for the same documentary. If you don't recall Belong from our intro/contest back in early 2006, you can refresh your memory (or check them out for the first time) at that MySpace link I just posted. Ever since hearing their album, I've been hoping for some kind of follow-up, and it turns out that Belong (that would be Turk Dietrich and Michael Jones) are in fact releasing a four-song EP on February 19th, in all the usual online places (iTunes, eMusic, etc.) as well as a limited run of 300 vinyl copies, entitled "Colorloss Record." I've had the pleasure of hearing it, and it does not disappoint.

You can read more about it in one-sheet PDF, which I hope no one minds I'm posting here, hehe. Word is that another EP is due out in the fall, to be followed up with a full-length record, hopefully expanding on the use of vocals as demonstrated in Colorloss Record.