Monday January 28, 2008

Canadian songwriters propose... $5 ISP tax

Right on the heels of Trent's back and forth with CNet over a line about a $5/month ISP tax, I thought it was kind of interesting that an article was posted on Slashdot today where the The Songwriters association of Canada propose to legalize sharing of a copy of a copyrighted musical work without motive of financial gain, for a monthly fee of $5.00 applied to all Canadian internet connections, which would be distributed to creators and rights holders, or "The Right to Equitable Remuneration for Music File Sharing."

Canada already has an awful tax on blank media, and while the legalization of file sharing seems fun, the proposal sees the tax revenue going to the record labels, which (in my personal opinion) doesn't really get to the root of the problem. Nonetheless, it's interesting to see some forward movement in the industry as a larger entity.