Monday January 21, 2008

The NIN Hotline, v2008

So I was especially jealous when came out with a new layout that fits the size of your browser and also looks really slick on the iPhone. This lit a fire under my ass to put the wraps on an idea I'd been batting around for the better part of a year - to redo the Hotline to use a liquid layout. My laptop's resolution is something like 1600x1024, and the Hotline looked so tiny on there. In making it work on larger screens, however, I did not want to blow it out on smaller resolution screens. Anyway, I'm still working on the configuration options, but we have at least one more theme available, and you will be able to choose a text size preference, if you're not fond of using CTRL+ or CTRL- to resize your text.

This new layout was designed with Firefox in mind, but actually works better in Safari. Everything looks okay in IE7, but IE6 suffers the loss of some of the transparent elements, and admittedly doesn't look quite as good. Anyway, as mentioned before, new themes will be made available in the near future that will accommodate your need for something other than a black background, a different default text size, and better support for crappy browsers.

If you like to fiddle around with site design & CSS, I'm certainly open to taking theme submissions. I'm also interested in your feedback, both good and bad. Please get in touch with me at