Thursday January 10, 2008

Cnet interviews Trent about the numbers

Over at CNet's Crave site, Greg Sandoval talked with Trent Reznor about the numbers behind Niggy Tardust. Titled "Trent Reznor favors an ISP 'tax on music' Trent Reznor: Why won't people pay $5?," [ed. note: thet title (thankfully) changed] it's actually a pretty in-depth interview that is far more nuanced than the headline might lead you to believe.
"I'll name check Radiohead on this--they've done a pretty suave marketing plan on this new record. I think generally it's been a pretty cool thing, but what they've done is used those (sales) numbers in a way that they can spin them anyway they want cause you don't know what they are."

Tomorrow, CNet will be publishing an interview with Saul Williams on the topic, which they hype as "a very different take on the sales performance of NiggyTardust." Thanks to sweeterthan and Scott for the linkage.