Tuesday December 11, 2007

What's a Monome?

OK, so there have been a few videos here and a few pictures there floating around at lately and we haven't really posted anything about those videos because either Saul Williams' new record is still blowing our minds or because we've been trying to get five stars playing "The Hand That Feeds" on Expert in Rock Band.

However, Trent just posted a video that is really fucking cool. When I checked five minutes ago, I wasn't able to get the video to load because YouTube hates my computer. Or something like that.

Anyway, here's the link to go to ninofficial, the official YouTube channel of NIN where the video is featured on the front page. The video has Alessandro Cortini using a Monome. It's a neat gizmo that lets you control pianos by pressing a few buttons that light up like a Lite-Brite from back in the 90s. Or something like that.

There was a picture of dogs a few days ago, too. They were greyhounds. We cannot confirm nor deny that these greyhounds will be involved with the new record, considering that we don't even know if a new record is being made right now or if everyone is just in the studio playing around with stuff. All I know is, Monome > Lite Brites + Greyhounds + Ghost Pianos = Fucking cool YouTube videos.

Or something like that.

*Edit* So I was calling this a Tenori-On earlier until pushingreality informed everyone on ETS that the instrument is called the Monome. Thanks for the correction!