Sunday November 4, 2007

Digg the Niggy Tardust Review + Let's Hit 105.7 The Point

I'm sure that Leviathant will delete this part of the post and merge it with the earlier posting for my review of Niggy Tardust tomorrow morning, but since he's gone to go bed, he told me that I needed to "pimp my shit out," hence, why I'm posting this now!

I typed the review in about two hours after listening to the album for three. The quality will either reflect it or it won't, though it depends on what you grade quality as.

I jest. Anyway, if you liked the review or somewhat agreed with it, DIGG IT!

Also, I think that today's target (or one of the targets) for radio stations should be 105.7 The Point, "St. Louis' New Rock Alternative." Now, I haven't listened to The Point since they cancelled The Woody & Whipping Boy Show, which was several years ago, but I do know that they pride themselves on having people submit requests online, especially when they do their MyShuffle lunch or hours (again, ignorance on my part because it's been years since I've absorbed their daily schedule).

So, that being said, I think that it'd be cool if we could get a song like "Banged & Blown Through" to be played since it'd be something different from "Sunday Bloody Sunday," though that wouldn't be bad either. And, since their MyShuffle playlists include four other songs, change it up and see if they'll play some Coil or even 12 Rounds. I mean, it'd be better than their 35-song playlist that they're "rocking" right now.