Thursday November 1, 2007

Thursday night is harass a DJ night

I don't really mean harass per se, but it's Thursday, do you really have anything better to do? I have a fun idea. Whenever NIN puts out a new album, I like to list radio stations for you to call and request whatever single they're pushing at the record label. I grabbed the lossless copy of Niggy Tardust this morning and it's been playing in my ears all day, and it's probably the coolest release to come out this year. This makes me want to tell other people about it.

Specifically, I was thinking we call up KROQ in Los Angeles... they've got a toll free number at 1-800-520-1067, and you can email them at itsabouttime@kroq.com. Tell them about how you downloaded Niggy Tardust today for $5 right from Saul Williams, free of meddling record labels. Tell them you heard about it on news sites online, or tell them you heard about it from message boards, or tell them however you heard about it. Ask them if they've heard it yet, and ask if they could play Sunday Bloody Sunday on the air, because it, like the whole album, is fucking amazing. (If you don't want to take my word for it, read through the 600+ posts about the album that have cropped up in the last 20 hours or so on our forum, or just download the album yourself)

Maybe tomorrow we'll harass talk to Q101 in Chicago.

It's different from the normal routine, but it might be fun concentrating on one station at a time.