Wednesday October 31, 2007

Volvo C30. It flies just like a birdy.

Normally we don't go out of our way to promote stuff by NIN members' girlfriends (mainly because most of them don't actually have girlfriends), but I thought this merited an exception. Drummer/Lord-and-Savior Josh Freese posted this on his MySpace:

"Funny little Volvo Commercial

Hello everybody,
So......my girlfriend made and entered a contest on Indie 103.1 by making a Volvo commercial on her laptop. There were 30 entries and we made the top 9. Its up to people to vote on em now by texting and writing "Volvo3" to 68683. You can only text to the number 68683 cuz its obviously not a regular numbe (can't call). You can also click the following link:

At the bottom of the page select "Volvo3" and hit "submit". You can vote as many times as you want though once (or twice) would be sufficient and cool!
Thanks for the help. I just want to win cuz it'd be a funny story and then I could make a way out, celebratory "making of the Volvo C30 commercial". The way it looks on youtube and the Indie site is WAY blurry but it normally looks pretty good. I'm going to try and post a better looking one soon (regardless of the outcome of all this). The contest ends on Nov 8th.
Thanks for any support here.

Josh F"

So, you know what to do. Thanks "Marisa G".